Chin And Her Passion

Chin Poh Kim has been in love with the world of fashion designing since the young age of 10. Back then, whenever she saw a design she liked in a magazine, she’d sketch it out on paper. She had plans of taking her hobby beyond the pages of her sketchbook, and turning her drawing into designs of her own. But having conservative Asian parents who did not see a future in fashion meant she had to put her dreams in the backseat, and take on a more traditionally “practical” career route.

But like many first loves, she’d always carry the memories of hers with her. And with the Kotex She Can Fund, Chin now has a chance to rekindle her relationship with fashion. “In the next four months, I’ll be using my fund to set up a social media platform for my business. Most of it will also be used to source supplies and materials I need to produce my first round of designs.”