Periods are no fun.
But they can be a bit more bearable with the right care down there, so you can forget about your period and get back to being amazingly empowered.​

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Regular and reliable. Kotex® Pads provide exceptional protection, even during sudden gushes.

5-IN-1 Leakage Protection

KOTEX® Soft and Smooth
Feel secure with the newly improved high absorbent pads. From light to heavy flow days, our signature pads offer exceptional protection even during sudden gushes.
With new Anti-Leak Channels

Anti-Bacteria Protection

KOTEX® Anti-Bacteria with Odor Care
Ditch the itch with our Odor Care super-absorbent pads that prevents up to 99%^ growth of bad bacteria for everyday freshness. Exceptional protection from unpleasant odor.

Total Protection

KOTEX® Total Protection Overnight
Embrace all-round protection against heavy flow and sudden gushes. With revolutionary rise-up guard features that provides you with up to 100% no back leaks during period nights.

Natural Protection

KOTEX® Nature Ultrathin
Super Ultrathin good for intimate skin. Soft and Breathable Veocel™ 100% natural plant-based cover made from sustainable managed plantations helps your skin breathe naturally.

Ultrathin Protection

Super soft, ultra smooth and light with that barely there feel. Perfect for the beginning and end of your periods.