So you’re changing out your pad and you catch a whiff of something metallic, and it’s coming from below. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal! In fact, it’s pretty common. You may have had it before and just never noticed. That metallic smell comes from iron in your blood. That’s just how blood smells like!

How can you prevent the metallic smell during your period?

If you can’t stand the smell, we recommend some Kotex® Natural Care with Odor-Care pads to keep your v-zone fresh. The absorbent Kotex® Odor Care pads contains natural ingredients derived from essential oils to help control unpleasant odor. If you are still feeling uncomfortable about the smell or if you think the smell is overpowering, make an appointment with your GP. Though very unlikely, the smell could be associated with imbalances in the normal bacteria in your vagina. As long as you don’t feel any itching or burning sensation, you’ll be alright.

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