Are Blood Clots During Periods Normal?

As strange as it sounds, it’s great to hear that you are paying attention to what’s coming out of there during your period. A lot of times we concern ourselves with the weird things that come out between our periods. Clotting is not too uncommon. You’re most likely to find them during heavy flow days – they look like blobs of sticky jelly. Yucky, but normal.

What should you do when you have lots of blood clots during period?

Clots can vary in size, sometimes as big as a 20 cent coin. Clots happen because your lining breaks off in larger chunks rather than dripping off in tiny pieces that just seem like a stream of blood. The good news is that if you have clots, you are getting a larger amount out at once and you may have a slightly shorter period. But, if they are much larger than the size of a 20 cent coin or if you are feeling funky during your period, you should see your health care provider. If you notice an excessive amount of clots every period, then it might be a good idea to see your general practitioner as well.

Source disclaimer: Article is adapted from original article source U by Kotex - USA

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