Tey And Her Passion

As a woman, how many times have you been told that a sport isn’t for you because it’s “rough”, “unladylike” or simply because it’s a “boy’s sport”? Exactly, Tey Huey Shan was getting real tired of people who constantly try to put her in a box too.

Tey has had the urge to join Taekwondo since she was in primary school, but was constantly told no by her parents as they wanted her to prioritize school and other academic activities. Labelled as studious since young, others also had the perception that martial arts were not suited for her as it’s seen as “violent”. But when she turned 20, Tey finally joined her university’s Taekwondo club and went on to win a gold medal in the Poomsae category in the British Student Taekwondo Federation Championship.