Nawwar And Her Passion

An art-director and designer turned multidisciplinary artist, Nawwar has always plucked her ideas and inspirations from her interactions with the world and her surroundings. Working primarily with acrylic, iridescent films, and mirrors, the founder of Stellar Designs and Stellar Studio merges references to art history, her memories, and personal reflections on her past, present and future -- all of which compose the very fabrics of her life.

Her passion for art and design, and her works thus far have been a personal form of self-expression. Dusting off the ashes of her life struggles, Nawwar believes that no one’s past should ever stop them from chasing their dreams. Her goal is to create works which appeals to the imagination of senses, abandoning fidelity to the visible world in favour of exploring abstractions in truth and transparencies. She articulates her personal struggles with the contemporary Malaysian and Malay woman identity -- a complex mix of strong and soft, toughness and vulnerability -- through references to local contexts and customs, reimagined with interactive technology..