Lia And Her Passion

Melanau culture, although belonging to one of the biggest ethnic groups in Sarawak, is quickly being swallowed by time. As our society becomes increasingly gentrified, much of the beauty, uniqueness and authenticity of Melanau culture are being forgotten. For Lia Avia Egi, her mission to commemorate and celebrate Melanau culture is a race against time. .

Flowing with artistic blood in the family of six, she knew from the get-go that art is going to be her true calling. Unlike her other family members and despite the challenges it may present, Lia chose to pursue her passion and has made it a life goal to tell the world about the uniqueness of her culture through art.

As a proud Sarawakian, the Melanau culture is endlessly fascinating and inspiring, but she’s done talking about Malaysia as a country of diversity, she’s more interested in showing it to you.