Christy And Her Passion

An entrepreneur since young, Christy Ng’s passion has always been in shoes and fashion. To pay for college, she sourced shoes from Thai factories and sold them at night markets and flea markets.

When it got too tedious to lug around shoes from one place to another, she started selling the shoes online and her sales shot up. But Christy was still not content, as she wanted to design her own shoes, so she learned about shoemaking with the help of her friends in Thailand. Her main focus was to design stylish shoes that are also comfortable, especially for Asian women. Her designs were so successful that she resigned from her job to set up Christy Ng, selling ready-made shoes and expanded soon after to offer her specialty in customising shoes. 3 years later, the Christy Ng brand became widely known. She currently has 6 stores in major shopping malls due to overwhelming response.