1. What is the Kotex #SHECAN FUND about?
    Apart from eliminating period worries, Kotex #SHECAN FUND was set up to inspire women and help them achieve their passion, not just to enrich their own lives but those around them too.
  2. Am I eligible to apply?
    The Kotex #SHECAN FUND is open to all Malaysian women who are 18 years old (in 2018) and above, who are currently residing in Malaysia.
  3. How many times can I apply?
    As many times as you like. However, we will be screening through all entries to discard duplicated entries, and approve applications that meet our winning criteria.
  4. What are the winning criteria?
    We are prioritising entries where:
    1. What you want to achieve is clearly stated.
    2. Why this passion is important to you and how you are able to achieve it through the fund are clearly stated.
    3. Timeline of goals are clearly stated.
    4. How the #SHECAN FUND FUND will help you make progress in the short term (1-4 months) in achieving your passion is stated.
    5. The passion you have submitted is able to make a difference to yourself, your family or others around you.
  5. When is the closing date?
    We will be shortlisting and selecting winners every 3 months. If your entry gets submitted after we have already shortlisted winners for the current batch, your entry will be considered with the next batch of entries.
  6. How do I know whether I’ve been shortlisted?
    Kotex team will notify you via e-mail, and may also request for additional information or supportingdocuments to strengthen your application before selecting the final winners.
  7. What happens after my application has been shortlisted?
    Once the Kotex team receives all required information and supporting documents (e.g. quotations from legitimate sources validating funds being applied for), then the Panel of Judges will vet through all shortlisted entries and select worthy winners.
  8. Who will select the winners for the fund?
    All entries are vetted by a mixed panel of judges from universities and industry partners to maintain diversity during judging as mentioned on this site.
  9. What happens after I am selected as a winner?
    After reviewing the relevant documents, winner will sign an agreement form stating the goals and planned use of funds. The #SHECAN FUND team will then help track your progress towards success.
  10. I’ve submitted my application, but I haven’t heard anything. How can I check on my application?
    The shortlisting and selection process can take approximately 3 months or more, after which we will send an e-mail within 6 months, either notifying you that you have been shortlisted, or that your application was unsuccessful. You may email [email protected] with the email title " #SHECAN FUND " to enquire on unsuccessful applications.
  11. My application did not get selected. Can I re-apply?
    Yes, you can! But we would advise you to review and strengthen your application based on the winning criteria to increase your chances at being shortlisted.
  12. Is there anything else I need to know?
    Please ensure that you read through the Terms and Conditions agreement before submitting your application to avoid any misinformation.